Stephanie Paul — Stephanie Nicole (Bounce Around)

Stephanie Paul — Stephanie Nicole (Bounce Around). This b1tch has no fuking morals and even less of a clue. She runs around Calgary bumming fentanyl and sleeping with anyone who will get her high. I used to date her. Last time I fuked with her she gave me Drd, she left me for this goof that had a sh1t fetish and who would rather rat me out to the cops than fight me and now she’s done it again. I kicked her outa my house for being a dope thirsty retard snd because her second persona she adopts randomly and daily without warning and without fail doesn’t have a clue about respect or how to act like a woman. She’s a dirty pig who fuks snd suks guys twice her age and 5 times her size for a couple bucks worth of dope. Now she’s gone back to the same guy that sh1ts on her and literally fuks a multitude of other b1tches on the daily. I picked her up last time she said she needed help at the library and she was wearing 2 different sets of lingerie under the clothes she had on which smelt like a bag of dirty hockey equipment and she keft my house with more bags than she couldn easily carry and she wants to say she left me for another guy, fhe same guy. Well guess what guys, if you wsnt an easy piece and you have a couple points its a free for all and she actually has a killer body but beware, this Hotties guaranteed to give you the dose, and she knows about it and chooses not to do anything about it. She just wasted an hour trying to save face and tell me she never loved me, i figured this is time well spent getting the warning out boys…stay away or if not at least triple wrap it…you gotta be mad at your d1ck to fuk with this junkie.

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