Kristen Macmurdo — AKA Keeks-KiKi

This girl honestly is a bucket, a dancer at Filmores and cafe atlantis been pimped out by a american rapper Outtatown313 is his Instagram and hers is forever___kiki, this girl will claim she is a innocent victim and how her Pimp took all her money and forced her to do unspeakable things just so she can play on others feelings, and persuade them to give her money, her stories range from everything to her being a childhood victim to being locked down to a pimp who is never even in the city, will fuk her tricks raw for 500 dollars and then claim she is a victim driving around in her range rover acting as if she is so much better then everyone, I have worked the clubs with her and can honestly tell you she is the dirtiest girl I know, girl spends more time getting treatment for her drds then she does living her best life LOL be warned people this girl is the biggest snake, her stories are so good you would think she is related to Walt Disney! girl probably has Drd from what I been told and is honestly the biggest hoe in the city jumping from d1ck to d1ck all to keep “Daddy ” happy you can find her at Filmores or Cafe Atlantis be sure to visit her for a good time.

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