RYAN NUGENT BEWARE.I know this is probably completely out of line but this needs to be posted. SHARE SHARE SHARE Ladies!! BEWARE!! READ THIS. I WAS WARNED AND DIDNT LISTEN!!! This is ryan. I’m sure many of you have seen him on tinder or out and about. Please spare yourself!! This man will ruin your life for fun! He is the narcissist or narcissists. He will use, abuse, and lie to you daily. He will tell you he loves you and wants to have babies with you without even meeting you. This is what this man is KNOWN to do!! He will play boyfriend until he finds the next hottest thing out there. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LISTEN. Hes the smooth talker of all smooth talkers. He will make you feel like you are the only girl in the world. This is not reality!! He seeks validation from women every single day and you can guarantee you arent the only one he is talking too. He wont wear protection while sleeping with you!! I was number 305, his ex was 304, and you’ll be 306. Spare your time!! I have had numerous women reach out to me, INCLUDING HIS EX WIFE, women he was engaged too, women who don’t even know him personally but knew someone who was fuked over by him!! LISTEN TO MY WORDS. This man will destroy you. Dont be the next victim. He has severe bipolar or split personality disorder. He will tell you how you are the only girl in the world and he never sees his life without you, and within a split second he will tell you hes leaving you, you are nothing, HIS BAD KARMA, and that he doesnt love you and leave. The more you beg him to stay the further he will run! HE WILL LITERALLY SWITCH PERSONALITIES IN AN INSTANT!! This man hasn’t said a true word out of his mouth ever. All of his stories start or end with this is the truth or this is a true story. And he will swear on his grandfathers grave that it’s the truth. IT IS NOT!! I would assume his pepsi addiction has something to do with this!! Pathological liar. LISTEN WHEN I SAY THIS , he lies about absolutely everything. Not a truth has ever come out of his mouth, he will accuse you every single fukin day that you are lying to him until you cower and give in. He will make EVERYTHING your fault. He will manipulate you to the point you think you are insane and control you to the next level. Like your social media? Male friends? like people watching? He will accuse you of wanting to fuk everything in this world other than him. I didnt even look up anymore because I was scared to be accused of staring at another man. You wont have any of it if, ( social media, male friends, friends in general) if you give this clown the time of day. We agreed on deleting social media to work on our relationship. He told me he deleted everything. He literally read the instructions to me on how to permanently delete everything and I did it. Later to find out again he lied. He didnt delete anything; only deactivated it so he could access it as he pleased. He blamed me DAILY for holding stuff from him, guilty conscience?? Yes maam!! He will threaten to get you beat up by women when you catch his lies and confront him on them. I was told on numerous occasions people wanted me dead. These are his “friends” that dont give two fuks about him or just more lies. He will tell you he has thousands of friends, but has no one ever to talk too. People do not care about him because they know who he is! He is notorious for this!! Constant fights because he was hiding stuff under his nose and blaming me daily for his own sh1tty feelings about himself!! He had thousands of nude photos from women, sex videos. Girls grinding his d1ck, saved away while he was in a relationship with me, once again after he told me he deleted everything. Girls numbers saved under male names so I would never know who he was talking too!! HE GLADLY MOVED INTO MY HOME WITH A HOCKEY BAG AND THATS IT!! he didn’t even have a residence in Calgary when we met. Hobosexual!! ( Google it) His vehicle isnt even in his name, its under his exs and he chooses when its convenient for him to pay the payments. Cell phone? His mom got it for him because he screwed his ex over on a joined account and she listed his previous phone as stolen!! He cant even get his own cell phone ladies because he owes money everywhere and has zero credit!! This is all stuff he will NOT TELL YOU!! he thinks he is God’s gift to women and he is a no one. The only reputation he has for himself is destroying women’s lives and snorting so much pepsi to cope with bow he is. He will tell you he was a superintendent for companies and make 250k a year? Really. But you cant get a vehicle in your name? HE LIED ABOUT THE YESR OF HIS CAR TO ME UNTIL I GOT PULLED OVER AND GOT A TICKET WITH THE ACTUAL YEAR AND HE STILL TRIED TO LIE ABOUT IT!!! He has conned women into taking out loans and using the money. I was warned by numerous women and chose not to listen!! He is NOT the man he makes himself out to be, everyone knows who this man is. I’m sorry I was the one to bring trash into this town but please spare yourself. His looks is all he has! And when you see how he actually is, then looks fade immediately. He is a pig! Doesnt clean up after himself. Will literally treat your home like a garbage bin and never pick up after himself. He is a boy!! A sick boy that will never be a man! LISTEN TO ME. I do not want anyone to go through what I just went through. If you wanna be used, fuked, and taken for anything you give. This is your guy. But dont catch a single feeling for this man, cause he will use every bit of it to his advantage and literally shatter the ground you walk on. HE IS COLD, EVIL, IS INCAPABLE OF EMPATHY, A NARCISSIST AND HAS SEVERE MENTAL ISSUES THAT HE WILL NEVER ADDRESS. And no, I’m not a sour ex, I’m thankful the trash took itself out. I genuinely want to make sure I do my part on not letting this clown ruin any more women’s lives! He has done this to every single person hes been with, I have spoke to numerous!! He needs to stop!! He has used and shattered women from the east to the west. He is literal scum of the earth. PLEASE BE CAREFUL. THIS MAN IS ABSOLUTE CRAZY, NEXT LEVEL SHIT. DO NOT MEET HIM AND WARN YOUR FRIENDS PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME IF YOU NEED TO. PROTECT YOURSELF. THIS MAN IS A DEVIL ON EARTH.

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