Israel Joseph Unger — Domestic Violence

Israel prides himself upon being a world traveler, a member on the leadership board at Asbury Methodist Church in Flint and founder of the Flint Farming Project. Heralding two masters degrees, a bachelors degree and single father of one daughter, this once self proclaimed “do good nomad” is not the pristine pillar of the East side of Flint community. Israel is an alcoholic, heteroflexible (bisexual) who likes to pay floozys to sodomize him. Not only is he hiding his sexuality from the church community. He is also a woman beater whom beat his daughters mother while she was pregnant and after giving birth to his child. Simply because she could not drink and be a party girl after becoming pregnant and engaged to this violent alcoholic. He constantly beat on the poor woman, often gouging his thumbs into her eyes causing damage to her eyesight and head trauma. He also beat her while she was pregnant with their second child which led to an abortion due to his violent behavior while drinking around his newborn daughter and her brother. He has been exposed as sleeping with volunteers and co-workers hired by the flint farming project. He beat his child’s mother in front of her 10 year old brother and then convinced cps and flint police to aid him in kidnapping and separating the children from the mother to prevent the truth about who he is becoming exposed to the public. The woman has been homeless and destitute due to him putting her out while she was pregnant and after giving birth. He did this to cripple her after her and her children lost her father and their grandfather to a heart attack in order to make her seem unfit when in fact it was all done to silence her. It sent the poor girl into a deep depression. Once a model and dancer, the woman now is visibly scarred on her face, neck back and legs. Do not date or support this evil, vile, bitter woman beater. He is manipulative, narcissistic, controlling and violent. He needs to be exposed for the pain and suffering he has caused an innocent family. The community deserves to know this man is preying upon the innocent citizens who are victims of the flint water crisis and using his church involvement in order to advance his own agendas which has nothing to do with helping flint. This man is nothing but horror and destruction and it’s so sad that the city of flint has been mislead and women have been beaten bloody with no justice and charges brought against him. Do not support his organization. A

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