Joanne Pham — Joanne The H03anne

Watch out ladies. She’ll screw anything that has dollar sign written all over them. She will face time you to show you her tits that her ex paid for but she left him and told him that her next dudes will enjoy them. Talk about botched boob job. Her areola aren’t even even. If i could i would post the pics of her boobs. She’ll literally beg you to ask if you have any rich friends because she’s a broke bish and is desperate. She has no friends because all she does is talk crap about them. Oh and she got beat up with heels (loubs) at a Shisha place. For talking shit about some girls ex and she showed up and smashed her. ( would post video if i could). She’s also a home wrecker as well. Anyways she has no friends and she’ll duck you if you have money she’ll drain you and leave you dry.

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