Caitlyn Deswiage — Cailtyn The Stinky Fish

Caitlyn Deswiage — Cailtyn The Stinky Fish. This b1tch literally has no morals in life. She opens her legs to anyone who shows her the slightest bit of attention. Will go behind your back and fuk your man. Ruins relationships/friendships because she’s to busy being a h0e that she is. This b1tch is 18 and has more body counts then the floozies on Mackenzie street. She’s a walking DRD. Her curfew is 11pm because her daddy is real strict… how would he like to know about your h0eing around? She cheats on her boyfriends and breaks up families because she’ll go and fuk your man. Apparently her vagina fuking reeks like tuna and she loves leaving wet spots on your bed. She’s the definition of cvm dumpster….. she’s got your baby’s dripping out all day. She brags about how many People Shes slept with like it’s an accomplishment, but little does she know she’s just making a bad rep for herself. Turning out to be a mamas child Caitlyn? Hope you get ghosted again by your mans

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Joanne Pham — Joanne The H03anne

Bryn Hatcher is a Cum Dumpster and Gutter Slut from Toronto, Ontario , Canada. An Ugly Whore.