Janet Escalante — Aka Yani YYC Baddest Floozy Alert

Janet Escalante — Aka Yani YYC Baddest Floozy Alert. Hey guys this girl right here is crazy she will put you in jail her last ex she hit herself in the head when he tried to Leave her while on the phone with the 911 operator you can find her at local clubs like lounge 18 cowboy tap house and fire and ice and for some cheap tequila and $$$$ she will fuk anything that’s willing to provide she is a known periscope scammer and floozy in Yyc she sleeps with sex offenders and harasses her ex and blames him for her recent fall back into addiction with pepsi and meth. Gentlemen get your wallets ready her nose needs fed. Also if you like jail if she don’t get what shes want she’ll scream he hit me he hit me and you’ll be facing the judge before you know it. She’s Also has body issues because she used to be 400 pounds then she got her sugar daddy to pay for her surgery so she could have her stomach shrunken now she’s saggy waggy. She where’s her underwear 4 days in a row so I’m sure her good good is smelling wonderful. She thinks she a hot shot cause she rocks fake Louie bags and drive hers moms car. She lies and says she’s a nurse but really she’s never worked in a hospital in her life. She’s is very bi polar and Selfish only cares about herself and will do anything to make you hate yourself to make herself feel better. Shes a great fake cryer and will use that to feel sorry even tho she could careless. She rather get paid to ride dic** then show up at the hospital for her own mom.

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