Deven Mead Moochgalore

This sad little boy, we cant even call a man is probably the saddest mooch around. Hes all about pof and finding woman to give him money or support him and his gambling habits and taking him out to eat. I mean he might be worth it if he didnt have such a chode that cant do nothing. He tries to say he wants a relationship but really goes to multiple woman asking for large amounts of money to gamble away or for you to pay his gas and food and brings his friend around and expects you to support him as well. He has multiple children but only claims his twins That are court ordered that he HAS to see them. He’ll try get you to take out a loan just so he can have money. When you dont give him what he wants he freaks out and calls you and threats you until you do. DO NOT LET THIS POS IN YOUR LIFE SAVES YOU your time and energy

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Janet Escalante — Aka Yani YYC Baddest Floozy Alert

Sergio Ruivo is a Crooked Accountant  who runs an accounting firm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada .