Hung Doan Seems Sweet At First But A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, CHEATER & NARCISSIST- Stay Away!

Dated this guy exclusively since December 2019. Found the out he was sleeping with a female friend of his multiple times, took a road trip to see his ex as well. Lied about his whereabouts for all of this. He strung the other female along just enough so she would get into bed with him monthly. He is a pathological liar and even with proof of his infidelity, he still would not admit his wrong. He uses multiple females to stroke his ego and he is addicted to female attention and conquering new [email protected] (his words, not mine) He works for [REDACTED] telecoms. Originally from Winnipeg, resides in Calgary but frequents Edmonton often. CHEATER PATHOLOGICAL LIAR NARCISSIST Fuks RAW ALL THE TIME. Stay away from this DRD infested dirt bag.

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