Chantel Mayne — B1tch Needs To Go To The Mental Hospital

This b1tch is fucked! Makes countless fake profiles, she used to do it in random names that arent names but then recently she got “clever” or so this dumb cvnt thinks, so she started to make fake social media profiles in the name of her other enemies, thinking no one would know it’s her, but it’s a small town and everyone knows!! Like how fuked up and cowardly do you have to be to do this sh1t??? And like she does it daily!! Or she even calls her enemies daily like hundreds of times in a row… LIKE WHY??? WHAT DOES SHE GET OUT OF IT??? Cept an even worse rep than shes had ever since anyone can remember… shes having a 3rd or 4th kid with the same amount of baby daddies… she has a bf named Johnny Goe on Facebook… pretty sure hes not even the father of the baby shes currently pregnant with…so the song singing in all our heads is a classic! Go Johnny Go go go!!! Go Johnny Go go go!!! Pathetic goof b1tch, karma will get you, if not I will, grow the fuk up goof!!!!

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