Ellen De Nise — Ellen Degeneres Wanna-Be Gutter Cvnt

She thinks she’s Becky with the good hair, but she’s just an Ellen Degeneres wannabe, but falls flat to the hills. What a disappointment. She cries over crack-head jib-tek serial killer dead beat fathers, and wonders why her life is a mess. Loves playing the victim so I guess it sure seems fitting. (Which is more than we can say for her George Brand Clothing!) What is with that rats nest on her head… is that the Good Hair Beyoncé referenced?????? Asking for a friend… she moved out of red deer but it turns out you can take a bad Apple out of the bad barrel, but you can’t force it into the gold barrel. We’ve all tried it, like sticking a watermelon into a pinhole. Wake up lions, Hunting Season is now OPEN #bang

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