Kristen Marie Serafini — Her Street Tag Is “Fishc-Nt”… Need I Say More???

Seriously… any woman who calls herself “Fishc-nt”??? Ummm ya, id pay no mind. This is the thing tho…her mom raised her with the FALSE belief that she was a beautiful princess of some sort, and that when she grew up, every man in the land would want a taste (plus she had uteran rupture at age 21 during her 2nd pregnancy hence she’d never conceive again) and most woman would keep that a closely guarded secret…but not F.C. She uses it as an incentive 2meet n fuk men, oftentimes mentioning it in the 1st 5min of conversation. Not 4pity, but 2let all the guys know, “Hey fellas,u can bust inside me all day and all night”, n trust me, BUST THEY DO. At age 18 she was a knockout. At 22 (when i met her) she was a 9…25, id say a solid 8… 30, down 2a 7. And now, at age 43….she looks like the definition of “trainwreck” and her house & her pu55y smell like a bucket of skunks a55holes. She is addicted to Benzodiazepines, and anything else that will quiet the demons that undoubtedly shriek inside her head all day n night. Not to mention this chic is a bonafide, straight up, TEXTBOOK SOCIOPATH! FACT!!! I think we, as a society, should do every man and/or woman whose yet 2cross her path a solid…& hunt her down, and stick a long sharp object so far up her polluted snatch that it comes out the top of her head & she drops 2the floor. Ok, Maaqaaybe im being a little too dramatic. But FOR EXAMPLE: On the night of August 29th, 2011, around 9pm, she called me outta the blue and asked if she could come by my apartment 2″party” saying she had a bunch of adderall. & ill admit: I love adderall! Almost as much as i love women, so i immediately agreed 2our rendezvous. Inside of 30min later she was cozied up next 2me on my sofa. She initiated the kissing, which turned 2groping, which turned 2sex. N im talking hardcore, raunchy, go2 church the following Sunday and BEG FOR HIS FORGIVENESS kinda sex. N 15min in2 (NO B.S.) our 5hr long fuck fest, she suggested i pull out my phone n begin 2film all the nasty, perverse things that were sure 2follow…n hey, who am i too argue??? I fuked her 4-45min or so at which point she insisted i fuk her up her a55 (i know…u think im lying…i PROMISE YOU IM NOT) and again…who am i 2argue. So fast forward 5hrs n we both lay in a disgusting pool of sweat and cum…equally sized portions. 30min after that i had 2leave 4work as it had become almost 4am n i was on the 4am-1pm shift. So i told Ms. Fini she was welcome 2stay n shower or sleep, eat or whatever she wanted 2do…with the understanding id be home at 11am for my hour lunch break at which time we would pickup where we left off and fuk again. So at lunchtime i get home…no Kris )-; I call her, no answer. So i eat n go back 2work. At 1pm i return home 2b greeted at the door by not 1, but 2 of Quincy, MA finest SEX CRIME DETECTIVES…YUP… THIS BITCH WENT TO THE HOSPITAL, REPORTED SHE HAD BEEN RAPED, n SO THEY DO A RAPE KIT (which no doubt showed substantial bruising, tareing, n prob a lil blood. “But Detectives” i exclaimed… 2which a simple index finger brought up 2meet a pair of lips was the fashion in which i was given an example on perhaps my next move. So i took it under advisement, followed the DTs to their crown vic, n sadly lumped myself in2 the backseat. Appearing as if 2say “Oh sh1t, the gig is up…IM FUKED!!!” So on the outside i looked like a beaten man…but on the inside, i was TEAMING WITH EXCITEMENT. Cuz, as im sure most of u reading recall…THIS DUMB slut SUGGESTED I FILM OUR FUKFEST… SOOOO…I GOT A GOOOLDEN TICKET, I GOTTA GOLDEN TWINKLE IN MY EYE!!! So i sat, very still n quietly, listening 2all their insinuations, all their insidious, slanderous, accusations 4the better part of 2hours. I was then asked if i had anything else 2say 4myself…n i did. I looked them both dead in the eye. My scared, deer in the headlights gaze evaporating the 2nd b4 i said 2them “U cannot rape the willing” VERY intently. Which was instantly met with quite some adversity. So i wait 4 my next turn 2speak, “But detectives”, i say, “I have the ENTIRE event in question On VIDEOTAPE” But they believed me, and confiscated my phone in order to download the alleged files in question, and released me. 17 days later the Q.P.D. called my work (cuz they had my cell, STILL) 2let me know i can come pick up said cell phone. So i rush off to Q.P.D. and wait patiently in their lobby for a detective to bring me my phone. After 30min a man appears, my cell in his hand, which he gives over to me but b4 releasing his grip he says calmly, “Hey Todd, STOP FUKIN CRAZY CHICS.” And ive done my best since that very day to practice that notion, tho ill admit, im far from perfect. Soin conclusion…Kristen Marie Serafini is a psychotic sociopath who LITERALLY gets wet when she is inflicting pain (emotional and/or physical) to her victims. N friends… she is WELL VERSED. THE END

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