Brittani Vangorder — 3rd Times A Charm

Where do i start. This girl has been posted on here a few times before. And i have no other choice but to post her again because she doesn’t seem to get the other 50 hints I’ve given her over the last YEAR! I have told this girl from the begining that HER & I WILL NEVER BE IN A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP! She just doesn’t get it that i can never be in a relationship with a girl who has 0 reapect for herself. Or me! When your flirting with other men, sending naked pics, hanging out with other guys. Why in the world would i want you as “MY girl”. Your an embarrassment, your nasty, you don’t use condoms with ANYONE I’ve had to get checked many times. Even tho i have told her i don’t want to be with her she STILl doesn’t get it and calls me from private numbers, text apps. I have a feeling I’m going to have to go to the police to get her to stop!!!!! She plays victim but it’s all an act! She’s a whore with a dream to have a man and a family. But she’ll NEVER have that with anyone because shes a crazy dirty b!tch. She really does have some mental issues. I’m not just saying that to be a d!ck. The only thing shes good for is a good lay. And thats all she’ll ever be to any guy. A good lay. It be nice if someone can take her off my hands for me. And takers? Please!!!!!!

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