Homewrecker , This person is a total ho bag!

Homewrecker , This person is a total ho bag! She had her first baby and within just a few months was already sleeping with people at her job. She says that she’s a “h***y w***e” and will f**k anyone whose around when she gets drunk. She just wants to be with a man who can financially support her while she sits at home all day because she is lazy and wants a free ride. Guess she didn’t mind depriving her child of the opportunity to grow up in a 2 parent, stable home. either. Selfish C**T. She’s already on to the next guy at her job and is already talking marriage and another baby. Keep in mind this b***h is 18 years old and sleeping with men 45+ and she’s too stupid to realize that they are using her just as much. These men don’t enjoy any intellectual conversation with her, she is as dumb as they come. She has destroyed her home, her relationship and now the relationship she will have with her child and the relationship her BD will have with his child. GREAT parenting! She’s too busy spreadin it all over town to ever see what she really is.

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