Samantha Jane — Baby Bonus Rich

Samantha Jane — Baby Bonus Rich. This girl about to pop out her third baby with another loser azz baby daddy. A girl on Facebook put it on blast it’s quite hilarious, these girls with no job living on welfare their whole damn life popping out babies that are going to have no future. It’s funny because the two girls are fighting with each other but yet they’re equally both dead beat baby mama’s. Both of their lives are ran by the d1cks they suk and the drugs that they smoke. Least the other one is model material this one just look like she need to put the fetty tinfoil down. Samantha save some money and put a couple CiCi’s in your lips girl they look like a butthole. And honey you ain’t nothing but white trash. Stop Uploading photos that you think you look so good in it. FYI u don’t.

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