Hailey Doyle — Dead Beat Trash

Hailey Doyle — Dead Beat Trash.Hey, so this girl is the ex of Lucas Lucier. She is the trashiest dead beat whore around. She posts about how bad her baby daddy is to her and how he beat her and he was abusive but the fact is, SHE would hit him first and start a fist fight and try to get him to hit her then cry wolf. Her new boyfriend looks EXACTLY like her baby daddy who she claims is so bad to her. She parties every single weekend and suks d1ck for cab money. She brings random dudes home while her baby is asleep in the next room. She doesn’t even shower man. She’s so disgusting. Her house has dog and cat sh1t EVERYWHERE. she lets the dogs sh1t inside. Stay away from this one she’ll call the cops and lie about you hitting her.

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