Gloria Simpson — Self Proclaimed “Glory Hole:

Ladies and Gents this dirty pig Gloria Simpson is a self proclaimed “gloryhole” loves to take it dry in her dirty a55. She will f@*$ any womans man if it means she can get some cash pepsi or a ride to her babysitters to dump off her kid for a selfish night out on the town. FYI I have seen the dwelling she leaves her son at all weekend it is not suited for an animal, completely disgusting house seen trap houses in better condition than this( it’s her mother’s home) looks like a dumpster in the west end of town only dirtier. She has not come to far from the days of being an floozy, used to be paid in cash now she is paid in rides and pepsi. Go get yourself another DUI there Gloryhole. Good thing your kid was not in the car that night!? Looks like all the cvm sh1ts to the face have really taken a toll on ol’ Gloryhole.

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