Ashleigh Hines — Emotional Gold Digger

I met this girl on social media through mutual friends. We had an instant connection with cars and other things. Finally, she drove down to SC to see family and we met up. As cliche as it can be, was cliche for her and me. She explained she was in a doomed marriage with her husband always being deployed as a soldier. She was isolated and lonely raising her daughter. We got closer and closer until began to hook up. Months went on and we began talking about her moving out and I was always dropping secret love hints of getting married. Still, her husband had no clue, had no idea because he was some stupid army guy with no love. So, during St. Patty’s day she had arranged for her daughter to be babysitter and she would live with me for the week to see how it goes. Everything was amazing! We began to slowly pack up her things as the weeks went on. She was so nervous the entire time she would forget things and cause accidents like driving her car into her wall, letting the dog outside and it got hit, or burning her dinner. But, since quarantine happened, we couldn’t see one another as much and the husband began to contact her more frequently. She began ignoring me and our plans have been scrubbed. She is just an emotional gold digger who is using sex to get her own emotional satisfaction regardless how many lives she’s ruining. Stay away from this girl.

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