Chantel Diane Hines — McMerty Can’t Work Chantillie

Chantel Diane Hines — McMerty Can’t Work Chantillie. For real, let’s chitty chat . she claims to that she has experience..yet she can’t even handle her own words… How can ya get experience when ya quit schooling and haven’t had a job for 23 years of ya life. talked about how ya want kids but can’t even wash your own mouth out with soap , sounds fked to me. Couldn’t work for sh1t before yet now.. she got the balls to lie about her profession. her career. ya I see her a55 already bein shouted at for being a ho. it’s true tho homies. pretty boy Chrissy had to move her a55 to keep her to himself eh. but truth b told. he ain’t much of a good boy either. he straight up will b1tch chicks out and do his “medicinal” smoking. she prolly doin too. explains her sudden changes. then again must b cool to f over government n get off scott free right gal? Ya people talk b1tch. good fking job chrissy boo. ya scored a cheatin a55 h0e chantel sweetie..girl…you whackity whack. but my ain’t any effing better. Watch yo wallets B.C she gonna cost ya more than it’s worth.

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