D’Arcy Ryan — Disgusting Drug Addicted Loser

This guy is the biggest loser round OT, he has herpes and fuks old ladies in his spare time. He’s manipulative and abusive until he gets a crack pipe in his mouth. He always plays the victim and blames every girl he’s with for beating them when really he’s just mentally unstable and has issues from his alcoholic biological mother who gave him FAS. I’ve never met a more insecure, abusive, cheating dirty fuk. He hates all of his kids and he has 5 of them. This guy is literally the lowest of the low. Stay away if you can, everyone who’s ever been around him regrets it instantly. Catch him at his moms house smoking crack like a loser while she pays for everything. His car, his insurance, his phone bill, even his child support sometimes.

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