April Ann Marie Rynyk — Home Wrecking Btc

April Ann Marie RynykHmmmm where to start . Let’s go back about 9 years , April’s been sleeping with her sister’s husband since then . April’s middle child is Chris’s , hahha small world right . April is a disgusting btc , she’ll sleep with anyone for drugs . Her baby daddy just odedddd , figures right ? Now she wants to spend all her time with a married man who should be taking care of his wife and kids . I guess these Idiots really like to keep it in the family . I believe in Jesus Christ ! Sleeping with a married man is a sin . Have fun in he*l . Her daughter lives right down the street and she’d rather stick needles in her arm before she ever goes down for a visit. Her children are better off anyway . A11 BTC . Have fun with the fetty ; ) you’d think after 13 years of failure she’d change up and want to be a better person , for herself and her kids . April’s Just a lowlife bum who’s got nothing : can’t have her kids , no Home , no money , no job , no car , no license . She’s had so many opportunities to fix up but she declines each and every time. She just wants to be a scrub for ever living with an old man . Have fun doing cracker and running the streets with Lana , Josh would be so proud .

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