Jennifer Mitchell — Narcissistic Cvm Dumpster Fail Of A Mother

Hey nik this person above is the worst mother in the entire world I was in contact with her daughter before she passed away and she had sent me screen shots of her mother calling her names saying she wasn’t welcome home and that as far as Jennifer was concerned she wasn’t her daughter an man did she ever beg her mother to help an love her yet she threw her away like garbage but after her daughter passed away she turned around an acted like she did everything she could say she misses her and all those lies that came out of her narcissistic mouth the only reason she acted like she missed her was because she wanted the attention from everyone around town but when it comes down to it she’s the most abusive mother ever especially with her son and other daughter. We all made up a lot of money to pay for her daughters headstone at her grave sight but all of it went missing and I’m not just talking a grand I’m talking over 5 grand went missing and all of a sudden she’s driving a brand new mini van. Man what a pos she talks about how tough she is but let me tell you I’ve known Jennifer for quite a few years and she’s just an attention seeking h0e that likes to mess around with young guys while in a relationship with her so called beloved boyfriend who doesn’t deserve any of this. She’s a chronic liar and can’t speak a single sentence without a lie in it. Did I mention this cretin of a human only has like 4 teeth in her head ugh gross. She works at the 202 bar as a bartender and she’s absolutely revolting she treats her co workers like crap I was in the 202 the other night and she was talking crap about one of her waitresses it’s actually heartbreaking that she’s so ignorant and mean to a decent human beings I actually had a conversation with this co worker of hers and she’s so sweet and doesn’t deserve anything Jennifer said about her I hope Jennifer wakes up some day and realize that she can’t treat anyone the way she does. RIP BABY GIRL I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART

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