Diego Reti

Diego Reti. This fuked up piece of sh1t hits ON underage girls and drugs out till he hits the next city to get kicked out of. Along with his fuked up sisters who spread their legs to keep a man knowing they are all cousins and they don’t care must be an old crow reti thing these pack of dogs don’t belong in the Yukon go back to where u came from Nappy head fuks and bring your slut ass black b1tch sisters back to where u came from. All diego does is Fuk b1tches while his black open legged sisters spread their legs to get pregnant and keep a man these b1tches belong in a psych ward and outta Whitehorse RETI “REH’TI” no one wants any of you heard his sister Dawn purposely gets pregnant to have a man pay the bills along with his other sister katriel who is a fat looking b1tch who was one of the biggest sluts in Whitehorse and can’t forget Gladysita keeps a man for the money knowing they are all cousins useless a55 family try act like they are all innocent while they are the worst ones just fake as fuk stop reproducing into Whitehorse worse than the Philippinos.

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