Mellissa Sabbas — What The Fuk Is Wrong With You

Mellissa Sabbas — What The Fuk Is Wrong With You.This b1tch needs to be put on blast once again This woman is a crack head alcoholic junkie that does not give 2 shits about her kids Those poor kids want nothing more to see their mom but this crack head does not give a guck about her kids She is seen on pandora getting her drugs at all hours of the night with her friend sherrie Mellissa why are you so disgusting What about those babies you made? Do you not give a sh1t about them? Thank god they have a father that loves them and takes care of them because if they were in your care they would be homeless and have nothing I was your friend but the thought of what you do to those kids makes me sick And you need to be put on blast !!!!!! You are one sad person Those babies will forget about you and it will be all your fault for doing these sh1tty things to them You can’t even take responsibility for the kids you made It’s fuking sad! Keep running your mouth thinking you are all fu tough in reality you look like a fuking idiot Your not fooling anyone you are pathetic and you need a reality check TAKE CARE of those kids and stop putting all the responsibilities on their father you useless cvnt.

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