Emil Radcliffe — Emil Likes Anal Radcliffe

Sooo.. The Man who is twice the age of women he hunts down stalks them falls in love with them and tries to kill himself over a 25 yr old chick who already had a boyfriend at the time. this goof would literally spam me everyday than decide to threaten me if i didnt give him attention he literally cant pay his rent and cant hold a second job without buying crack and ghb for hiimself to go to work he messaged my parents and other friends saying i had the clap and was a addict. Now after blocking him off everything the fuker still tries to email me call me and pretend to be a different person and try to see me what a stalker. Emil you have a small d1ck and have no life as ur own son cant see the pathetic dad u are go get a real job and stop using fetlife to show ur d1ck pics.

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