Dayna Martin — Back In Business And Cheaper Than Ever!

Hey Nik remember this hot little whore? Well she is back in business again. Judging by the looks of her now (photo not recent for legal purposes) her down and rock addiction still going full force. I ran into her the other day and we got together just like old times. She’s not working with an agency anymore but is rocking c0ck out of the hotel she’s is living in. Part of the province of BC against homelessness crap or something. She may look kinda rough compared to back in her agency days but she can still work it. We made ourselves a little home movie while her boyfriend was at work. She’s aching for a gangbang and boys you can get in for real cheap. Watch for her downtown Vic. The cheapest piece in the city, guaranteed. If you don’t mind a few open sores on her face that is. But believe me if you knew where that mouth has been you wouldn’t want to kiss her anyway. Oh and btw she does bareback services too.

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