Dana Martin — Back In Business

Hey there boys and girls of VicCity! Well, especially boys… does anyone remember this little honey from Seduction Unlimited a little while back? Well I ran into her just the other day and apparently she is back in business and working out of the Capital City Centre Hotel downtown Vic-whoria. I wouldn’t say that this last year has been all to kind to Capital City’s number 1 head (giver?), but damn she still puts forth a Class 1 effort. I was a really very interested to know why she looks so rough deez dayz with open sores and such so I asked round. It seems as though previous reports on here are accurate. Our little Dee (taker) has become quite the raging junkie but at least she’s a working addict right y’all? Lol. Best part is that she’s living with her man and still taking an assortment of exes for all they have all at the same time. Her boyfriend is usually out hanging with one of her loser exes while I’m in there room smashin her at a discount rate cuz the ho misses me! Hahahahaha! This town is never boaring yo!

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