Brian Michael — Loser Of Victoria Rant & Rave

Brian Michael is a sad pathetic wussy whose spends all his time moderating a pathetic Facebook group and shining all his cars because he has a small d1ck. He is a nazi mod and a total hypocrite. He made a post asking where to go get a haircut during the pandemic and when people dragged him in the comments he banned them simply for disagreeing with him. He abuses his mod powers all the time. He is a drama queen and a pathological liar, making up ridiculous lies and starting and spreading drama and gossip all over Facebook groups for no reason. He has no game and no luck with the ladies. His ex-wife successfully milked him dry (you go girl!) and he took it like the beta male he is. Imagine being 40 and spending all your time on a local Facebook rant and rave group, yikes!

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