Anna Victoria Marsh. Dangerous, Unstable And Hateful

Anna Victoria Marsh. Dangerous Unstable And Hateful. More I’ll keep this short. Besides. Another ex she stole from and lied to already trashed this trash can online. Yeah, her traumas can offer her some empathy. She had a shut life. But if this snake, (Anna Victoria Marsh age 27 in Victoria Langford area) If her racist, nazi idolizing, trump supporting, cavity filled mouth, doesn’t spit enough hateful sh1t for you to back off. Then I’m guessing like me you just enjoyed it licking your a55 hole too much. She steals. From everyone. Her own family. Tried to put her brother in jail. Had an abortion. Hates herself for it but still fucks raw dog always and is irresponsible as sh1t. She will have another one for sure. This women will probably abuse her babies. She has borderline personality disorder. There is a 2 year old, a 12 year old fat brat, a 22 year old coked out whore and a full on 27 year old psychopath all in that empty empty head of hers. Anna Marsh doesn’t believe in vaginal medication. So enjoy that. She pms’s like a b1tchy teenager. Her family is a bunch of criminals that will take advantage of you. Want to hear more! Toe nails ripped off, sh1t on the walls, cheating with 55 year old Russian orthodox heroin dealers… all part of Anna Marsh and her 27 years. She was a teenager in Florida too. So there’s that. I probably have an DRDs and couldn’t care less just to be the fuk away from her. Stay away. You’ve been warned. I’m not the first person to do this and this photo is from my room, yes, she looks sweet. Nothing of the kind. Abuse, indifference and delusions are this trash cans idea of love. And she will love you #annamarsh #cheater #victoria #langford #criminal #psychopath #thief #liar of a dire warning then gossip

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