Rachel Taylor — Tunafishtaylor

She may be beautiful and super gorgeous and such a psycho and dramatic chick she have different guy in bed every night and drunk all the time and start sh1t hope she never gets her 3 kids back… She brings home strange guys home she meets on the bus! She also likes to lead men on no matter what age even the taxi drivers ! She’ll prounce around your bed room with just her vagina hanging out and invite you into her bed were she teases guys by grabbing and rubbing their genitals through their pants she’s a down low user who just use’s men to get drunk and for there money !! A Huge Warning for you Men

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Julia Babcock Groleau. Sasquatch.  Ugly Beast . Cum Dumpster.

Emily Noelle Worsley — Ratchet Bipolar Clepto With A Fake Front Tooth As Fake As The Rest Of Her!