Zachary Khan — AKA scumbag SOCIOPATH

Zachary Khan — AKA scumbag SOCIOPATH. Zach was already posted on here but 5 years later he’s still a piece of sh1t. It was previously warned he was a cheating, lying scumbag with multiple women. DING DING DING they nailed that on the head. No matter what he tells you don’t believe him. He’s a sociopath that somehow always end up getting away with the pain he causes. He wears multiple different personalities to the point that you don’t even know which personality is his. He abuses helpless animals and LOVES escorts and floozies. Would rather spend his money on women instead of paying his own child support, while having a girlfriend and many other women on the go. He’ll tell you he loves you but he doesn’t know the capacity of love. He’ll drain your soul until you have nothing left. He has never been faithful and will only use and mentally abuse you. He may seem like a nice guy but he will ruin your life. You’ve been warned. This cheating, compulsive lying, manipulative scumbag, escort fuKing, DRD carrying, SOCIOPATH will RUIN your life and he has a long list of women who can agree with everything that is said here. Stay away and don’t waste a minute of your life on him. His other post is here.

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