Parker Henderson Aka Meta4our

Parker Henderson Aka Meta4our.This 40+ year old joke goes by the name Meta4our. You can find him on ig crying and sobbing and recording himself on ig stories bawling like a lil girl about how everyone is a hater and how bad his life is yet he caused every issue in his life and most of it is because this snitch can’t stay off social media running his mouth. This genius recorded himself admitting he’s a pimp and dealer even though he’s on probation and lost rights to even see his kids because he’s such a threat to them, way to go idiot…. now you’ll never get them back smfh. He claims to be the son of the most famous r & b singer of Canada (lmfaooooooo meanwhile no ones heard of him ever) and he says he’s the next drake but his songs are trash. Pure over done auto tune that are completely off beat and the background vocals are just him s reetxhing or saying dumb stuff and it all jumbled together and sounds inaudible. It’s comical that this delusional clown thinks he’s actually good. He has zero talent. Then he gets on ig stories and goes on hour long rants about how we’re all haters and he’s famous and rich…. about that…. how are you rich if you were just evicted out of your home and had no where to go so you were begging people for money and places to stay just 2 weeks ago. The. Some poor fool hired this joke to butcher people’s hair in a barber shop even though Parker’s no certified or trained to legally cut hair in salons. He’s butchering the clients and sending them home with horrible cuts. It’s just days away before he’s fired from that job too. Like he was from his last couple of jobs. If you were just begging for peoples hard earned money 2 weeks ago but now on Instagram bragging about how much money you have and how you’re rich and a baller…. that’s sick. You’re a scam artist who conned your own friends out of money. No wonder your family hates you. Humble yourself because clearly god keeps taking every single thing from you because you’re boastful and running your mouth. Dressing like a teenager. Old man is having a midlife crisis and it’s hilarious too watch. It gets worse. Let me tell you how this creepy pig just posted a video around Xmas of his two 19/21yr old daughters twerking for him while he recorded them and was cheering them on saying how hot and sexy they are and how their a**es were so fat and he was turned on. This disgusting predator and his dysfunctional family all need help. For his daughters to ever think it’s ok to twerk infront of their daddy while genre it’s is beyond me. Makes you wonder what he had them doing as kids. What out for this guy, he’s unhinges and mentally ill and sits on ig ranting and raving and crying like a little b**ch.

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