Nicolette Zoric — Watch Out For This Anorexic Shoplifter Nut Bar!

This is Nicolette Zoric. I have known this nut bar for over 15 years. If you ever see her run don’t walk away. First, she thinks that she is a big time fashion buyer/E- commerce and digital marketing manager. NOT!!! She is as dumb as a box of rocks. She can’t even count 2 + 2. Maybe that’s because she has a severe eating disorder and not getting proper nutrition. She look’s like death and it’s amazing she can even walk or talk. The poor thing. Nicolette also has a huge secret. She is a huge shoplifter. All her “so called” fashion clothing is stolen. Nordstrom’s of Vancouver won’t even let her into the building. They put her on the black list for her little sticky fingers…… It’s hilarious when she calls herself a “Marketing Manager.” Because at the end of the day, what she is doing is just marketing/selling the clothing she has stolen online. Great job. LOL Nicolette go get help. You Need It. Everyone in Vancouver knows what you are. A MENTAL NUT CASE. Go get help.

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