Nathan McNamee — Scam

Nathan McNamee — Scam.STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY. Untrustworthy. He stole from fellow associates. I can 100% confirm that this guy is 100% delusional! Spouting FALSE stories! stories like “him allegedly witnessing a stabbing in front of him and him being the heroic guy he is says he is, chasing him down”. He also called the cops on his, so called ex-fiancee who died because she was texting him death threats, threats saying “you have 2 hours to give us $50,000”. NOW, GET THIS! The so called “fiancee” he was supposed to marry and that died was a friend and a fellow associate of mine!. I CAN 100% TELL YOU GUYS THAT SHE WAS NOT HIS FIANCEE! HE MADE A GO FUND ME ACCOUNT UNDER HIS NAME! HE RAISED $5,500 AND THAT MONEY DIRECTLY WENT TO HIM!. I AM SO INFURIATED! NATHAN MCNAMEE YOU ARE INHUMANE! YOU’LL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE SOON ENOUGH. KARMA IS B1TCH.

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