Kenny Kennedy — Player Alert!

This is Kenny Kennedy Don’t EVER fuk with someone who’s last name Savage dude! Really not smart! He will talk to you for months and make you think that you have a chance with him but really he’s talking to his ex on the side all it take for him to play You is his ex calling and crying to him about stupid shit he has no loyalty whatsoever to anyone else but her. Don’t believe him when he tells you it’s over and that they are not seeing each other anymore. Because that is a lie He will keep you up all night waiting for him to come over while he’s getting his d1ck wet by his drug addict whore ex whom I’ll also be posting on here as well. Hope you learn a thing or two about loyalty before you start talking to someone again because really if all it takes is for your ex to cry to you your loyalty is paper thin. He really isn’t a man at all. A real man never lets this kind of shit happen and in glad it happened to me before I got really attached to him Be careful ladies.. just a warning!

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