Jacqueline Uthoff — Doxxing Seamstress

Jacqueline Uthoff Doxxing Seamstress. I hired this seamstress to create some custom outfits for me. She prepared one and I loved it and we became friends. I hired her to create more outfits for me and that’s when the drama started. She wanted me to flirt with her man to see if he would cheat and of course he wanted to cheat on her. I told him no and told her immediately. She said I crossed the line and what came after scared the sh1t out of me. She created a fake dating profile on POF and posted my personal contact information (phone number, address, name ) right into the profile. I received numerous calls/texts/ and visits to my place from men looking for some happy fun time. I changed my phone number immediately and she proceeded to post my parents phone number. If that wasn’t bad enough she made fake sexual harassment complaints to my boss claiming to be a customer where I worked. She impersonated a police officer on the phone to try to and extort money from my parents. This girl has serious problems. She is also a known user of pepsi and does it right in front of her kid. She frequents burlesque shows and kink events. Please watch out she will cause drama.

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