Ayleena Ainscow — Cow Floozy

Ayleena is the biggest lying piece of sh1t I’ve ever met in my life. She’s constantly talking sh1t about people who “do her wrong” when in reality she’s just genuinely stupid and selfish and frankly a HUGE whore. Sorry but I don’t think anyone would wanna be friends with someone who has those features. Simple. She is a full time escort and has been doing it for years. She’s not only an escort so you’d think she has enough d1ck in her pu55y but nope at the same time she has multiple guys on the go constantly! I’m warning you that when you guys are no longer friends she will make up lies about you and cry to people to make them feel bad for her and feed stories that she makes up in her head to people for sympathy. She has had stds in the past on several occasions and is a dirty nasty b1tch who doesn’t know how to clean her vag and I mean that so seriously I wanna puke just writing this. She will steal from you and lie right to your face about it. Good luck if you ever become friends with this girl or end up in a relationship, she will make you feel bad for her for absolutely no reason. She does it to herself…

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