Anithia Felix — Fake Is An Understatement

This woman needs to be exposed for the gold digger that she is. She is the most fake person you will ever come across. Fake boobs fake nose fake lips fake hair fake contacts fake eyelashes fake nails and a fake personality. Yet she’s genuine lol. Portrays herself as a wholesome god fearing woman . She goes through men like tissues. Acts like a genuine person when in fact she is anything but that. As a woman I can’t sit back and watch this manipulative selfish individual use others for her own gain. Women like this ruin it for other women. She uses men to further herself and then moves onto the next one. Puts on a great act. Men watch out for this master manipulator. There is nothing self made about her. Everything she has has been given to her by men. Tells others she’s self made. NOT. She won’t answer questions about her past for a reason….

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