Alexandra Manner Before Her Surgeries LOL

This stupid bish is brainwashing her fake followers into thinking she’s all natural LOL. She constantly says she hasnt has any work done but old pics say otherwise. She now is a part with wfabb the biggest scammers in the city to sell beauty products LMAO. What happened to your stripping days lexii? no clubs in the city will take you after what happened????Must be desperate now to get scammed yourself but I gguess u gotta find a way to keep up with dem surgeries and make money for your bf/pimp lol. At least admit to your lies you claim ur a life coach and inspire but are giving girls false hope of body expectations. Ur whole face didn’t transform from ”beauty sleep” hoe! Every one in the city know u r fake and have had just the amount same of work done as any other pimped out hoe at least they admit it. Maybe it’s because ur doctor botched your face and body Why u lie it must sucks to have permanent damage I guess thats ur reason for staying with ur bf/pimp who fucks every hoe in the city cuz no other man wants to be with a botched liar selling shampoo with no real job. Fix ur face every week it look different want to be Kylie Jenner so bad

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