Kelly Kuper — Extremely Bad Bad Man

Kelly Kuper Extremely Bad Bad Man. I will never ever be the same again. Many trips to counsellors, therapists, drs office, criminal injuries, I dont know how many times the crisis reaponse team picked me up during a mental breakdown as something would trigger a flashback to the day i thought was the end of my life. I was compensated by the govt. I did believe that day was the end of my life. What happened to me is something you would watch on an episode of ” i survived evil ” He continues to hurt women, he forced me physically to do bad things he had me by my neck trying to choke me out. Thats the least of what he did to me Please please please dont ever get involved with this man he riuned my life, i know he is damaging other womens lives right now. Please stay safe and stay away from him. I am very lucky to be here today, i am greatful for every second of life ot can be taken away from you in a heartbeat. I wish i could say more its so awful. If you zoom into the photo this is what he regularly does at his work place around young children and anyone else. How can someone like that work with kids. All i can say is i hope nothing ever happens to a child.

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