Evan Adduono — The Nastya55 Player

Evan Adduono — The Nastya55 Player.He will lie about his depression to get with girls and always say he got shot or has been stabbed so you show him sympathy. If you hang out with him he will show you where the scars are suppose to be but there is nothing. he has a small pp like it’s micro sized it’s smaller then 2 inches and it smells like cheese and vomit. he never shaves down there and his hair is longer then his pp. he looks like a clown and is super fat. he always claims he has bois but in reality he has no one. he acts super tough and says he’s going to pull up but whenever he says that he’s always to scared to actually fight someone. he abuses his girlfriends and mentally abuses them too by lying and convincing them stuff that isn’t true at all.

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