Devin Gaggiano — A Fuking Looser That Says Lies Abt Stuff

Devin Gaggiano always pretends to be always nice and sweet but turns out he’s a fuking f*g that smokes 24/7 ever day s nonstop. Whenever he doesn’t have weed he gets mad and fukin gets mad at people when he smokes all he’s weed he a women beater and he threatens people when he gets mad at dumb sht he knocks people up when people tell him not to he can’t commit to anything he doesn’t care about anyone besides himself. Whenever people have a fight with him he literally blocks people for few weeks then comes back saying we need to talk. Lol he basically comes back all the time whenever he feels bad but turns out he does it over and over again he says he’s changed lol bullshit He talks alotta shit but when someone else talk shit abt him he denies it . Also when he has a problem about something he never talks to that person he gets someone else to talk for him he’s a fuckon looser. He says he’s in. Fuckon Gang and all of his shit is real ya ok whatever floats ur boat man keep on lying to ur self abt it. I’m so done with this fuckon fag I can’t do this anymore he my ex for 4 times in a row like I can’t he broke me completely I can’t be happy anymore I don’t trust relationships Bcs of him he literally complains a lot he says he’s all tuff he’s not plus he’s the worst fuckin guy I’ve dated in my life who ever knows him watch out Bcs all this is true I’m not surprised that he’s fucking sum other bitch that has DRD and clamedia and shit so but have fun with my sloppy seconds lol if ur that desperate for a fake ass looser that likes to use u just to abuse u and everything I’ve said

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