Nicole Viteritti — Desperate Cougar

Nicole Viteritti — Desperate Cougar.Ok, so first of all let me start out by saying this girl is a sweet girl. She means well. But god damn at 39 years old, you’d think a b1tch would know better. She is a drunk hot mess. Try’s to be so much younger than she is. I loose brain cells every time she talks. Her conversations consist of her bar tending at hooters for years and all her regulars at her current bar. Her fake titts are way to big for her body and she thinks they’re tiny (does it for the attention). NOW.. that’s just the beginning! This poor lady doesn’t understand what a break up is, privacy is or the word no. She shows up unwelcomed and unannounced. She’s even gone as far as going they the doggy door! And she’s not just this way with my friend.. she was with way with her previous relationship! Fair warning guys, WATCH OUT FOR THIS ONE

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