Hailey Davidson — Scandalous, Lying Cheating B1tch

Hailey Davidson — Scandalous Lying Cheating B1tch. Never in my life have I met a scandalous, shady and manipulative b1tch like Hailey. You know you can’t trust this girl when she cheats on the father of her son whom she lives with in his house with guys she meets at her club. Like they all say, you can’t trust strippers who sells their body for money, they’d go after whatever they can get thinking it’ll better their lives while you’re just a piece of a55. It’s unfortunate that when sh1t hit the fan and her new man didn’t choose her in the end she decided to run back to her baby daddy and he actually took her back. How sad. Can’t keep faking being happy with your relationship + family life when you didn’t want to be with him in the first place. She belongs to the streets. Better yet she belongs to Windsor’s strip club Leopards and the multiple guys she fuks with after hours. You never know you guys may get lucky with her if you pay a visit to her club. Just feed her alcohol and drugs and she’s good to go. She needs to be exposed for the cheating b1tch she is. Treat people better because it comes to bite you on the a55.

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