Ajmal Baloch — A Sadistic, Disgusting Workplace Harasser In Scottsdale

Ajmal Baloch — A Sadistic, Disgusting Workplace Harasser In Scottsdale. This creep’s name is Ajmal but he goes by Aj, probably to make himself seem more American, He’s really a Pakistani, I used to work him him and he relentlessly harassed me and just wouldn’t leave me alone. He kept getting in my business and there were incidents of him telling people lies about me. He would tell me that I’m doing things that i wasn’t doing and wouldn’t want to listen to what I had to say when I would try to respond. He has such a desperate need to be important that he lives in a totally demented reality where people do things against him even though they’re not doing what he’s accusing them of. There was an incident where I was helping to run food at the restaurant where we worked and he stood there just staring at me and it made me feel extremely uncomfortable. A few women confided in me. One described him and a psychopath and said she avoids him and the other said he creeps her out. This man is a misogynist and a serial harrasser. I want to let every employer, especially in Scottsdale, know to be on the lookout for this man and DO NOT hire him. He goes by Aj. If u do happen to hire him, please be attentive to your workplace environment and the comments employees make about him. He suddenly quit the place I worked with him at after days of repeated harassment and passive aggressive gestures. Please heed my warning about this garbage human.

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