Carrisa Lee Barnes Walking DRD

Carrisa Lee Barnes Walking DRD. This waste of existence is more than happy to sleep with anything with a pulse she seems friendly and sadly does at home care and residential elderly care sad poor clients but you quickly understand she’s just A drunk . She has a daughter that she neglects and leaves with her drug addict brother or her other whore sisters the Grandmother you might ask why won’t she just leave the child with the Grandma? well Grandma is the biggest sl00t of the bunch at her ripe age (retired)she’s found a husband turning tr1cks isn’t a life time career. It’s gotta end someday. Carrisa is just following what Mother always did. She will pretend to be your friend to love you but she can not she never found out what real love Consists of besides opening up her legs to anyone who is willing to buy her weed and alcohol including any man married in a relationship young old she takes them. The fact she has the audacity to portray herself otherwise the truth always seeps it’s way out . She isn’t a bad b1tch she is a washed out slut that is so desperate to find a man cause she knows her time is running out she is gross if you see her have potty on her she can’t help but be what she grew up with Trash .By the way she uses filters heavily now these pictures are from 3 years ago . Why am I reporting her well you see she’s fuked over more than one mutual friend of mine and it’s time the world knows what a stupid whore looks like cause she could have at least been a paid whore she’s just a broke b1tch

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