Shelby Fernandes — Terrible Mother

Shelby Fernandes — Terrible Mother. Watch out for this one. She thinks she is hot stuff but she wears clothes to small for her and her flab hangs out all over. She is just down right nasty!! She has 3 kids and ships the older 2 off to other relatives so she doesn’t have to deal with them. When she does have her kids they are locked in their rooms. You never see her feed her kids and once the kids are in bed she orders skip the dishes for herself. She is a CAS caller and cop caller. She has stirred up trouble on a whole street with her actions. Her hair looks dirty all the time. Her house is a pig sty and its smells. She will screw anything she can get. Only she knows what drds she has. She is into all kinds of drugs and cares about no one but herself. She will destroy other peoples property to make it look like she is so big and tough. If you are smart you will stay away from this one that is for sure….YYUUCCKK!!

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