Nicole Giffin — Just A Horrible And Disgusting Person

So let’s begin this girl right here is Nicole Giffin One of the most dirtiest b1tches in sarnia And here’s her story first off she’s a low life scumbag that lives off her children’s baby bonus and welfare and she hardly even has her kids half the time all she does is drink and do Pepsi, she favorites one child as only one has a bedroom And her in the other who knows where her other child sleeps as there different sex She has half custody of one child and no custody of the other even though her sons farther hardly even lets him go there because she never lets him go back unless drama is started and other people are involved in her drama so she don’t have to deal with it yet she started it to begin with like mother of the year? Don’t even get me started with animals all she does is abuse them might not be Physical but not taking your dogs out all the time and locking it up in a change 24/7 because you don’t wanna deal with the dog.. then stop buying bigger dogs infact stop buying any animals the butch can’t take care of them anyways yet alone herself, now let’s talk about the side not everyone knows about, for one she’s Psychotic and needs massive help every time her and one of her partners would break up she’d go Ballistic and cause a huge sene crying and screaming and begging them to come back to her, her first baby daddy hit her all the time and she’d complain to people but then she’d end up back with him 2 days later saying she loves him she Thrives for attention 24/7 if she can’t get it from the person she’s trying to seek it from she just hops in her inbox and hangs out with a bunch of guys and invites them into her home while her children are there she sits there and talks about how she wants more kids for the money yet she doesn’t even do anything with the kids she has now but sit on her ass in the house all day it’s pathetic she makes all these tiktoks thinking she’s hot as fuk but in reality she’s fuking ugly especially that big fat ugly nose of hers And fat forehead doesn’t help her at all, she talks trash about absolutely everyone and lies to them about it she does sh1t behind her partners back all the times and then when she’s caught she lies her way threw it she’s the biggest Hypocrite anyone probably knows The most ruthless b1tch on the plant she only thinks about herself and no one else. You’re as fake as that god awful blonde hair and I hope karma slaps you right into that stupid shovel face of yours. One day you’ll get back what you actually give out and it won’t be pretty. You’ll never be anyone’s first choice, you’ll always the the side piece nobody wants to settle down with.

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