Jordan Baker — Nasty C**N*

Jordan Baker — Nasty C**N*.Well well listen too what I got too tell you, so I hear Jordan Baker isn’t doing all so well. The question is why are her kids constantly out at her mommy and daddy house… Well let me tell you this I guess baby daddy had enough of her sneaking around because she’s been hiding the fact that she is using again… Can you guess what her favorite is… Starts with a F and ends with a l I guess she’s been using since of last year and her and her perfect “boyfriend”/”babydaddy” caught her dumb a** well it’s about time and when he found out he decided too kick her out and take the kids well sure of enough babydaddy had a friend come stay with him so she wouldn’t come around well what dose she end up doing…. Can any of you guess? Well here let me tell you she ends up screwing his best friend and now I hear through the grape vine that she’s with the best friend either living back at mommy and daddys house or with babydaddy best friend. Well well Jordan the cats out of the f***ing bag and you deserve a the Karma that comes your way. Sitting on your high horse judging others well I guess that’s over for you! Pretty sad when babydaddy doesn’t even wanting you having the kids. I also heard through the grape vine that you’ve been calling your dealer and bagging for D**g. How pathetic can you get. Remember b***h ppl talk in this city and it was only a matter of time before the cat go out of the bag. I hope anyone that doesn’t like this nasty peice of crap. Realizes how fake she actually is. Pretty sad that baby daddy caught your dumb a**. Those poor kids

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