Ashley Cary — Sarnia’s Dirtiest Floozy

Ashley Cary — Sarnia’s Dirtiest Floozy.Watch out for this one, guys and girls. This shovel face is a known floozy in Sarnia, will sleep with anyone for gas money, some lines or cheap food. Not sure who would actually pay her to do the deed because her reputation is disgusting. She claims she isn’t into the drama but is the first one starting it. I’ve also heard she isn’t even good at what she does, you get paid to get men off and you cant even do that right. She even married a pepsi dealer to keep her dirty habit cheap. So I guess if you’re looking for a hook up, check her out on Facebook or insta, she’s all about herself, just watch out for the nasty DRDs she’s handing out. She’ll take you back to her place and fuk you with her kid in the next room, so no need to treat her out to an expensive hotel. She calls herself baby girl and always posting weird ass photos of herself with this creepy a55 half smile thing and makes her look hilarious but she’s so full of herself and clearly thinks she looks good like that. Pretty sure half of sarnia’s married men or old dudes has had a taste of this low life.

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